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  I"m so relieved1. There is a strange calmess over me that I haven"t felt in months. I can actually feel my own heartbeat. I feel good. That"s what it is, I feel great! It"s been so long I hardly remember the feeling. I have virtually2 no energy, but that could have something to do with the fact that I haven"t slept in ages. The reason for my sudden change of mood is that I" m off school for 10 lovely days! 10, long, spiritually uplifting3 days! I"m on Easter4 vacation and couldn"t be any more ex cited!  Well, my situation is just like the situation many teens are in. School. My teachers, who just recently took a look in their day-planners and emerged5 to the fact that we"ve only got a few weeks left, have been giving me a somewhat hard time. I know, it"s the same thing everywhere. Wherev



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  March 14th, 2003.  Thursday. flurry    It seems that all happens in a sudden.The snow-covered world seems to be a great wonder done by the God. How beautiful it is!  Too many things happened in just a second.Before I have time to clear up them, they have already vanished like mist and smoke.And the earth is still moves, the life has to continue and the exam for the entrance of colleges is closing.I tell myself do not think too much, but my mind always wanders.  However,suchashortperiodof dozens of days will become an instant in the future,because there is nothing can be called eternal in the river of time. I think sometimes youmay feel depressing and want to leave to hide. To give up may not be evasive, but unperturbed. Not to touching is a kind of putting down, and abandon the past, in

True Friendship

  How many true friends can one have in life?  How much friendship can survive?  Today we part and shake hands with each other.  True friendship always remains in our hearts.  Even though we"re apart today,  We will meet again, next time.  Even if we cannot meet again,We still remain true friends.  There are mountains Separating us in two faraway places.  No need to meet, in the heart it"s understood.  True friendship will never change.    一个人一生能有多少朋友?  有多少友谊能够保持长久?  今天我们分别,互相握手。  真正的友谊永远保存在心头。  即使我们今日分手,  我们还有再相见的时候。  即使我们再也不会相见,  我们仍然是真正的朋友。  山脉层峦叠嶂  使我们天各一方。  不必相见,心灵相通。  真正的友谊永远不会改变。



  We"ve heard it before—we"ve heard it on the news; from teachers,from parents —children and teenagers today are growing up too fast.There are not too many people that will disagree1 with that statement. Teenagers are faced with2 serious problems and decisions at an early age. In fact, most teenagers" daily schedules are busy enough to rival that of an adult" s.   I have been working since I was thirteen, and always ih positions in which I was working with adults, I have had to learn to think and act like an adult to be taken seriously. So, I count myself as one who has grown up too fast. I just graduated from high school, and have recently spent some time reflecting on the last eighteen years -- thinking about myself, what I have accomplished3, and what goals I have yet to achieve.  We ar



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  Got 10 minutes?  Clear your mind Take a brisk1 walk around the block2. Focus all your attention on little details, like the bright flowers—it"ll help you forget your worries. Plus, the fresh air and change of scenery will give you a new perspective.   De-stress Dab a fragrance3 like vanilla4 or lavender5 (both calming scents) on your neck. Then breathe deeply 10 times, Inhale through your nose for two counts and exhale through your nose for four counts. Conscious breathing turns your thoughts inward6, so yon"ll become more in tune with your body and mind.   Cheer up Dance as if no one"s watching—just crank7 up your favorite CD and go nuts! Not only does this release tons of pent-up8 energy, it"s also pretty good exercise.     Got a half-day?   Clear your mind Clean out your closet and ge



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  Experiments1 prove that problems worked on yellow paper have fewer errors than problems written on other colors of paper.Fewer math mistakes occur in a yellow room than in rooms of other colors. But if you have a thinking or word problem, settle down2 in a blue room. A blue environment is the most, helpful in figuring out thought problems.   The class you like least in school won"t seem so bad if it meets in a green classroom. Time seems to pass more quickly in a green room than in rooms of other colors. Salespeople whose watches had been taken away thought their three-hour meeting in a green room had lasted about haft that time. But a similar group meeting in a red room thought their three-hour meeting had lasted six hours.   Exposure to a red environment excites people and raises their



  school had been very easy for me in the beginning. It had been the usual routine — show up for school, complete assignments1, take tests, get grades. And that was usually straight A"s. I was programmed to do this year after year without giving much thought about how school should affect me. It was ingrained2 in me that school was another thing to do. It was that easy.  Suddenly high school began. Sure, I was a top student for eight years, why would it be any harder? It was; I had signed up for honors classes. Quickly, I wasn"t the top student anymore. Just to keep up with the others, I had to go over four hours of studying each day on top of the eight hours of school.  I became very resentiul3 and angry about my situation. It was plain not fair, and it perturbed4 me that my first eight y



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  Nine years ago, after Leo had died, people said to me, "I never knew he was your stepfather." You see, I never called him that. At first, he was no one special in my life. Then he became my friend. In time1, I felt he was my father too.  Lao married my mother when I was 11; two years later we moved into a house in a new suburban2 development3. At first, ourlawn was just a mud pile with a few untidy clumps of grass, but Leosaw bright possibilities. "Your mother wants flowers; she can plantthem here, where there"s lots of sun," he said. "We"ll plant trees over there, to give us shade. And in the backyard, I"d like a barbe- cue4." Then he smiled. "After so many years of apartmen5 living, now we can have cookouts!"  For years Leo had lived in an apartment by himself, and now he was putting d



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  The approach to the Garden sloped like a hillside and the several parts of the structure rose from one another tier on tier...On all this, the earth had been piled...and was thickly planted with trees of every kind that, by their great size and other charm, gave pleasure to the beholder...The water machines(raised) the water in great abundance from the river, although no one outside could see it.  ——Diodorus Siculus     Fruits and flowers... Waterfalls... Gardens hanging from the palace terraces... Exotic animals...This is the picture of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon1 in most people"s minds.It may be surprising to know that they might have never existed except in the minds of Greek poets and historians!  Location:On the east bank of the River Euphrates, about 50 km south of Baghdad, Ira



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   Contrary to popular belief. "falling stars" are not stars at all, but are meteors1, solid bodies that travel through space.   Meteors, ranging in size from that of a pinhead2, to many tons, are visible to the naked eye at night, when the friction3 between the surfaces of the meteors and of the air, produces heat as the meteors enter the earth"s atmosphere. The intense heat incinerates4 the meteors, which leave a blazing5 trail of light in their wake6.   Most meteors do burn up when they enter the earth"s atmosphere, with the exception of7 the large meteors, which are dragged through the earth"s atmosphere by the earth"s gravitational pull8. After successful landings upon the earth, these huge bodies are renamed meteorites9. Some scientists theorize10 that thousands of meteors fall to th